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Welcome to Montowese Elementary School, 
My name is Mrs. Ingram as the school social worker  we promote learning and increase social emotional skills in all students. We provide a continum of services to all students. As part of the Pupil Personnel department we aim to increase behavioral compentencies that foster academic success, responsibility, independence.
I use proactive and preventative strategies. We provide early intervention for toddlers not rreaching their developmental mile stones. In small group and in whole class lessons I teach prosocial  and life- social skills.
We provide counseling to students in need of emotional support. At times student need additional support ina crisis we can help the student develop coping skills and be a sounding board. Risk assessments are made for students who present with suicidal ideations and speak of harming themselves. If you have an emergency call 911. At any time if mental health support is needed please call 211- info line. Department of Children and families also provides a source of support for families. 
  • As the school socialworker we collaborate with collegues and families to work as a team. 
  • Link familes to resources in the community
  • Assist when there is a sudden finnancial need with lunch and breakfast 
please see attched for a free /reduced lunch form
Feel free to reach me at 203-236-2564 ext. 5116